On the East Coast of Australia, just two and a half hours north of Sydney rests Port Stephens-a perfect holiday destination. Known for its magnificent beaches and bays like the Arna bay, Nelson Bay among others, it is the place that everyone is raving about. Being the leading tourist destination in Australia, this port is home to many birds and aquatic animals. It hosts about 150 bottlenose dolphins. Even though it is nestled amid rugged bushland; this doesn't stop you from seeing the tranquil sea or the sublimity of the ocean beaches. Whoever said perfection does not exist!

Comprising twenty six beautiful beaches, Port Stephens is the idyllic relaxation getaway. It's great for surfing, long walks on the sandy beach, fairy rides, quad-biking and horse riding. Apart from the fun in hand, the service and food is commendable. It's almost like the combination of heaven and a youthful tide dominated drowned valley estuary-pure magic. This natural harbor offers adventure coupled with comfort and serenity. The whale watch that takes place in May to November appeals to your animal-lover side, leaving you dazzled in a great beauty scene.

The atmosphere is easy and undeniable. If solitude does not suit you and you thrill in a good adventure, you can hike up the Tomaree headlands. You can also enjoy a trip on the cruise ship, visit the galleries, and buy amazing pieces in the arts and crafts museums and the weekly craft market. It's the place to be if you are looking for something different. Here, you can also bond with your family and mates over deep sea fishing. With the variety of activities, it's all up to you.

Port Stephens is a growing tourist destination. The warm climate all year round with no winter frost with the cool breeze that keeps temperature mild in the summer makes it a favorable place to visit anytime of the year. For accommodation, you can pay for short or long stays, couples or extended family visits in a great selection of one, two or three bedroom units. Luxury accommodation places like the Horizon golf resort at the Salamander bay and the Pacific Blue resort is bent on providing you with amazing comfort ability. Everything is a presence!

So make reservations here and cozy up to these mammals looking for a friend or two. Even without the private vineyards, the sand dune baggy rides and bush walking...Port Stephens is still a winner. It's the one place in Australia that will offer you all the thrill and luxuries of modern living-where it all means something. It is home; where you would take your family or your bestie for an unforgettable trip. Having fun here is the rule rather than exception. Port Stephens has quickly blossomed into a choice holiday destination and a great escape for those who value fun, family, tour and travel above and beyond everything else. It is your home away from home. In fact it is the best alternative to pass relaxed moments.